5 Brands Doing An Amazing Job On Social Media

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The online world is growing each day and businesses haven’t turned a blind eye. Nine out of ten companies in the US now have a social media presence and are using efforts and strategies in an attempt to connect with prospective customers on the internet. With each company their methods and results differ, and a few overshadow the rest, but there are many things you can learn from these brands to make your social media the strength and point-of-growth of your business.

Here are 5 examples of enterprises who have utilized social media to their advantage with their campaigns, ultimately creating a personality and likability of the brand online.

#1     GO PRO

@Gopro have effortlessly created a strong relationship with their customer and fan base- If there’s any brand that has a grasp on how to engage people through user generated content, its @Gopro. When other people share photos and content promoting a brand, it’s always going to be the real thing – no bias, no filters. So knowing that customers can create such extraordinary pictures shows the brands target audience that with Gopro, anyone can!  


The @MarsCuriosity Curiosity Rover (NASA), tweeting all the way from mars has definitely made Twitter users more in touch with physics, and of course, their funny side. The account, run by NASA, tweets pictures and posts giving users a good balance of information and amusement.

And… It works! This rover isn’t doing too badly for itself, currently with a following of 3.7 million.


@Starbucks is not just a coffee brand- It’s a coffee brand giving out complimentary products! What more could you ask for?! In this day and age, news spreads like wild fire. As soon as someone sees its Free Tea Friday- my best bet is that everyone will know it.

Giving away free products gives you a special relationship with your customers- it will put a smile on their face and they will love you for it!

#4     GRUBHUB

If that burger doesn’t get your taste buds tingling then I don’t know what will! If you follow @GrubHub on Twitter you’ll know that along with their mouth watering food, they’re never afraid to bring in a sprinkle of humour!  Companies who do this are always winning. By adding a human side to their brand they’re welcoming engagements and conversation with open arms.

#5      BENEFIT

Engagement, engagement, engagement! @Benefitcosmetics use their social media to capture and get people talking. After all, what is social media for? In this post, the strategy was used to essentially remind people to buy the product they’ve been planning on purchasing (without saying it directly). This neat technique draws customers closer to the brand.





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