Five ways Google exceeded expectations

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Five ways Google exceeded expectations

Googles CEO and CFO recently shared some insight into how well Google performed in the previous year and how much progress they have especially in the last quarter of 2017. Googles investments into Hardware, YouTube and their shared Cloud seems to be paying off with Google Assist making its way on to over 400 million devices ranging from smart phones and tablets to home speakers, selling tens of millions of their products. The new year was celebrated with the uploading over three billion images and with all the photos being taken its no surprise that Google Cloud is earning a billion dollars per business quarter.

YouTube is still every expanding its viewer base with 1.5 billion different people watching and creating videos every month, with 5 million live views for the Trump union address. but even more impressive than that, Googles self driving cars have traveled a distance of 4 million miles out in the real world, within one million miles taking place in the last six months.



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