Find Out How Hard Your Google Ads
Are Really Working!

Use our AdWords PPC MOT to pinpoint and expand on improvements, benefits and missed opportunities, or to highlight problems with your campaigns and account management that may be holding you back.

Whether you manage your AdWords in-house or use an agency, this is a powerful first step to improving your paid search AdWords campaigns.

Our AdWords MOT Can Help You

Whether you manage your Google Ads in-house or use an agency, this is a Powerful First Step to Improving Your Paid Search Adwords Campaigns...


We Saved a Client
Every Month

wih NO drop in conversions!

We Can Save You Money...

We saved a National Oil Supplier this massive amount every month, bringing their monthly spend down from £85,000 to £31,000, with no drop in conversions. By highlighting wasted spend, on irrelevant partner sites, etc. and showing them how to concentrate their resources in the future, they've continued to make this saving month on month.


Thousands £££s
with AdWords

Using the Wrong Match Type

Mistakes not only waste money, they cost you money as well!

Time and time again we see the wrong match type for keywords wasting money on clicks for unrelated searches. This also creates a poor Click-Through-Rate and lowers your Quality Score, which actually increases the Cost-Per-Click

Find out if you are paying for clicks you don't want...


What You Don't Know
About Is Costing You A

Make the most of your Adverts

Verify you are using Google to the best of your advantage!

Google provides all the tools, Conversion Tracking, Optimised Sitelinks, Callouts, Call and Location Extensions, Keyword Insertion, Display URL Extensions, Mobile, Image and Video Ads to make your advert stand out. Used together with Managed Placements, Negative Keywords, Exclusions like Locations, Placements and Site Categories to get the most out of your adverts.

Ready to see how hard your Google Ads are working for you?

THIS IS NOT a free marketing gimmick or an automated software tool!

THIS IS a full Google Ads...




Carried out by Advanced Level Google AdWords Certified Professionals

Google Premier Partner

Ready to see how hard your AdWords are working for you?


Recorded & In Writing

Confirmed what I suspected, the AdWords management company I was using were useless!
Dingley Dell Enterprises

Headsets 4 Business

Certainly An Eye Opener!

A lot of things we weren’t aware of, some of them real ‘biggies’ that needed sorting out ASAP.
Headsets 4 Business


I Really Like This…

Nearly a 30% increase in order value and 10% reduction in spend, after changes highlighted in the MOT!
Daniel Farrar


Money Being Burnt On A Daily Basis

A lot of very good points and excellent ideas we hadn’t thought of. A lot had changed since we first set-up our campaigns and new features we were unaware of.
Gas-Elec Safety Systems


I Got The Better Of Google!

Yesterday was 1st day I got the better of google! 9.02% sales conversion rate. Your advice made penny drop on stuff I should have learned years ago. I’d have been utterly buggered without you pointing me in the right direction. I owe you big time
Compserv Limited


Very Useful Stuff

We were using Wordstream and a series of different people who claimed to know what they were doing and clearly didn’t!


A Lot To Take On Board

Thanks showing us the areas we need to work on and for all your help, it's made a huge difference.
Milagros London


We’d Failed In All Respects!

This was extremely useful in getting our money back from the company that managed our AdWords.
Richard Denny Group

Use our PPC MOT to pinpoint and expand on improvements, benefits and missed opportunities, or to highlight problems with your campaigns and account management that may be holding you back - for ONLY £695!!

Ready To See If You Can Save Money and Improve Your Google Ads?

What You Get With A Google Ads MOT Audit...


Every PPC Audit will be recorded and a copy will be sent to you for future reference


Main Campaign Sections

Campaign Settings


Display Network


Campaign Structure



Landing Pages

MOT Test Certificate

We provide you with a comprehensive Google Ads Test Certificate, which states our results with easy to understand Pass or Fail grades of your campaigns main sections. The certificate also lists the individual areas we check, that make up the main sections and stipulates explanations for the grades.

There is also an Advisory Notice section that provides further details, examples from your account and suggested recommendations .

Live Account Webinar

Backing up the audit's Test Certificate is a webinar, with a UK based Advanced Level Google AdWords Certified Professional and carried out live on your physical Adwords account.

This is a Question & Answer styled report, where we go through each item of the MOT with you. As many people as you want can attend the webinar and you can download a full recording for future reference at no extra charge.

Ready to see how hard your Google Ads are working for you?

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