“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

IBM's Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty

your website Security is of huge importance!

Most websites are built using WordPress and it gets targeted the most by hackers.
This is why we've focused our Ultimate Security Offer specifically on WordPress

Around 30,000 websites are infected every day!

Your website represents your brand and if a hacker gains access they can severely damage your reputation, undoing the hard work you’ve put in building trust and credibility with your audience.

This All-Inclusive Bundle Includes Security Measures, Regular Backups And Automated Updates.

We’ve bundled the most effective security plugins together and are offering them in one Ultimate WordPress Security package!

This bundle will strengthen the 3 key factors that make your website secure:



User Authentication

Protect your WordPress sites and guard against hackers by implementing multiple layers of security.
Prevent unauthorized access to your websites by having multiple security measures in place including 2-step authentication passwords, login masking, Specific IP address login/ lockout.

Proactive Security Checks

Regular in-depth automated security scans, blacklist maintenance and theme/plug-in code checking can detect any threat long before it can do any damage with added vulnerability reports that include security recommendations that if followed will help prevent the next threat.





Prepare for the unpredictable with secure automated backups performed regularly.
Should your site encounter an unfortunate mistake or error, travel back in time by restoring a previous backup; it will be as if it never happened.

Advanced Account Authentication

Encrypt your site with a 2-step authentication process that requires both a password and a unique randomly generated code sent directly to your mobile.
This 2-step process can be applied to every user or to specific user levels.



Automated Security Updates

Security measures require updates to remain secure much like any software or program including themes and plug-ins. Stay on top of your software updates and save time by automating the process.
Each update will first backup your site and run a site scan after the update has completed to ensure no damage occurred to your site.


We Can Help You Protect Your Websites With The Ultimate Security Offer

Ultimate WordPress Security Offer

Standare Edition - The Complete Plugin Bundle, Set-up, Yearly Licenses & Backup Space...

Set-up & 1st Year


Annual Licenses & Backup Space


Ultimate WordPress Security Offer

Pro Backup Edition - Complete Plugin Bundle, Set-up & Licenses, With Extra Backup Space...

Set-up & 1st Year


Annual Licenses & Backup Space


Ultimate WordPress Security Offer

Multi Site Edition - Plugins, Set-up, Backups & Licenses for Multiple Websites...

Set-up & 1st Year

Annual Licenses & Backup Space


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