"Who Are The Authors of The Insightful, Well Crafted Posts on The Dreamsight Blog?"

Ryan Norfolk and Mark Harris are the driving force behind the majority of articles, although there will be comments from others (there better had be, we're not doing it all). Anything too techie will be passed on to Paul.

If you have any comments or questions about anything you read here don't hesitate sharing or asking.


Ryan comes from a retail marketing/management background and although he's obsessed with marketing techniques, he still likes the 'pretty picture' side of things, or 'design' as he refers to it. The greater part of his involvement includes project planning, client management and most of the system analysis. Constantly lamenting about his work load, but as a control freak he only has himself to blame.

The little free time he has is filled with his Son, movies and his beloved PlayStation.


By far the smartest member of staff, wardrobe-wise that is, Mark brings a well ordered, almost stoic influence to the team. This might have originated with is beginnings in accountancy. His methodical approach to work has made him an absolute genius with Google's Pay-Per-Click online advertising and he loves his stats.

Due to his extended family he complains of never having any free time, but we know he's rarely away from a computer screen, scrutinizing and testing any latest theories.


As the 'arty one' he has an eye for the detail, not to be confused with a far-away look and has the unenviable task of converting our inspirational schemes into physical designs.

He's also a talented artist and an accomplished guitar player.


Nerd or geek doesn't come close to describing Paul, with a degree in computer science he is firmly rooted in all things technical. He has the pallor of a true coder; in fact the only light he sees is beamed directly at him through a bank of monitor screens. The analytical process in his left brain makes him an exceptional Internet expert as well and a vital member of the team.

His free time is taken up with music, photography and horticulture.


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