Dreamsight NET original running business model was conceived on the 23rd of October 1996 by Mr Paul Grimes then towards the end of 2003 re-visited by the directors of three separate companies, which had enjoyed a very close working relationship over the previous four years of that date. Dreamsight now draws on the strengths of these companies, a print management company, a web development company and a software house, to offer an unparalleled advantage in the B2B sector.

On the 9th January 2004 Dreamsight Limited was incorporated under the Companies Act 1985. This was a natural progression and brought benefits to the clients, staff and shareholders of all three companies, although it was a little earlier than expected.

The expanded business will continue to offer bespoke web-based application and software development, website services and Internet/new media promotion, alongside a complete print management service and traditional marketing.

Dreamsight is not a “Jack of all trades” but a consortium offering comprehensive professional solutions to your business needs.

We would like to reassure customers that the products, services and level of support provided to date will continue under Dreamsight Limited.