Trackers are a great way to monitor who comes and goes on your website as well as where they go in the website. Using a simple tracker code will allow you to know where your visitors came from as well as where they go after visiting your website in the event that they follow a link from your website to another one.

Our tracking system is rather simple and only uses a few lines of code which you will have access to once you have set up a free tracking account with us. After getting the lines of code, simply follow the easy to understand directions and place the lines of code any place on your web page that you see fit, as long as it is visible and follows with our terms of service.

Assuming that everything has been set up correctly, any time someone visits your website and follows any link inside the site or to other websites, you will see the numbers on the counter rise. However, if you just sit there and hit refresh over and over again, regardless of the number of times you refresh the page, the number will not increase until a link has been clicked.

It is important to remember that the counter must be left on the website anytime that the tracker is being used anywhere on the site. If our automated robot visits your website and fails to find the counter in it, then it will simply close your account. This is an automated process so it is important that you follow the terms of service because the robot is designed to enforce those terms regardless.