Question: What is a link tracker?

Answer: A link tracker is a way for you to keep a numerical track of how many times someone clicks on a particular link in your web site that you may want to watch. The use of a link tracker can be used on many different websites for a number of reasons but it all comes down to seeing a physical number of times a link has been visited.

Question: How does a link tracker work?

Answer: Our link trackers are fairly easy to setup as well as use. These trackers consist of two lines of code in which the first line will be embedded into the actual link itself while the second line of code is part of the actual tracker and receives a signal each time a link is clicked.

Question: Why do I need a link tracker?

Answer: For starters, a link tracker is a great way of showing your website visitors a popular link on your web site. If you have a series of links to various web sites you may want to add a link tracker to that link just so others can see how many people have checked out that other link. On the other hand this link tracker can also help you to determine if someone is “hotlinking” to your website which may be using excessive amounts of valuable bandwidth


Just like our download trackers, the link tracker is a great visual addition to a website which allows your visitors to see how popular a particular link is. If you are trying to promote a particular link or web page for any reason then a link tracker can actually help you to boost the number of visitors who click on that link.

Furthermore our link tracker can also help you to find people who are hotlinking to your website. Whether the link is to a particular file or image or anything, hot linking means that people go directly there and if you are trying to make some money from a website then hot linking is not good. This hot linking can also add to excessive bandwidth usage and since most people who hot link put a link directly to the page which would be missing that line of code, you would be able to find out using your statistical information where all these people came from and prevent it from happening.


It is important to remember that when using our link tracker you also need to use our counters in which more information can be obtained from our T.O.S. (Terms of Service). We use a specially programmed spider which goes out and checks your website for our link trackers and if it cannot also find the counter it is programmed to automatically delete your account. Make sure that you use our counters to prevent this from happening as it is an automatic occurrence which cannot be reversed one accomplished.