Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning

A computer, just like a car, needs maintaining regularly otherwise it will not perform as well as it should, or it will just simply breakdown. Here at Dreamsight our friendly staff are just a telephone call away (01452 30 30 40) for you to book your computers maintenance check.

If your computer is not performing as fast or as smoothly as you expect, our technicians can carry out a pc health check for you at our workshop, we offer a FREE collection and return service to anyone residing in the local area; this service would include such things as:

  • Making sure your drivers are up-to-date - Using old drivers for hardware can impair the computer's performance considerably.
  • Checking the security of your computer and performing an antivirus scan - Ensuring your computer is protected sufficiently with a firewall and anti-virus software. The internet today can be very dangerous with all the new viruses and Trojans that appear daily.
  • Scanning your system for spyware – Some forms of spyware can steal your personal information, such as your credit card details.
  • Cleaning your internal components, fans, graphics card, heatsinks etc. – Too much dust can cause overheating which can cause computer crashes or even hardware failure.
  • Checking your file system – Disk cleanup (removing temporary and unnecessary files), defragmentation (reorganising your files to enhance performance), and registry cleanup (removing obsolete entries) all these will help your computer to run faster/smoother.
  • Checking your hard disks – This can repair bad sectors which will prevent possible data corruption and system crashes and also prolong the life of your hard drive.
  • Removing unwanted software – It is surprising how many people install ‘sponsor’ software, toolbars and general adware which they do not need and could slow their systems down.
System Restore

Maybe your computer is riddled with viruses/Trojans and adware, an easier option would be to just reinstall your operating system, so it would be as efficient as it was when you first bought it, our technicians can do this for you. They can restore your system (resetting it to how it was when it left the factory) and can save your files for you (assuming they are not infected).