Keep your kids safe online

When you consider that 12% of all the websites on the internet are pornographic and 25% of search engine requests are for pornography then it is essential to keep your children from being exposed to it.

Statistics tell us that 34% of internet users receive unwanted exposure to pornographic material, usually as a result of pop-ups whilst browsing the internet or receiving spam emails and a staggering 89% of young people are sexually solicited in chat rooms.

Here at Dreamsight we recommend that any responsible parent should use some form of parental control and internet filtering software on their home computers to keep their children protected and enable them to safely use the internet. There is a wide variety of software available including pop-up blockers, instant messaging monitors, and remote management tools, but we recommend using NetNanny which does all this and more and has been voted the number 1 parental control software for the last 5 years running.

NetNanny 6, the latest version, is a very powerful internet filtering software that is a must for any parents concerned about their children’s computer use especially when taking into account the statistics given above. It has several features including:

  • Remote management. With this feature you are able to monitor which websites your child is visiting and any instant messaging program they may be using in real-time from anywhere on any computer with an internet connection.
  • Instant Messaging Analysis. This very clever part of the software actually monitors the chat that takes place in most of the popular IM programs that most children use and it will alert you via email of any inappropriate comments or contacts.
  • Game Blocking. This will ensure your child cannot install or play any desktop games that they are too young to play on using the Entertainment Software Rating Board rating system.
  • Secure Website Filtering. This will block secure proxy sites, which are very popular with teenagers that attempt to override any desktop filters.
  • Social Networking Sites. NetNanny will allow you to keep track of your child's activities within networks such as Facebook.
  • Reporting. The program will produce very comprehensive reports for you to read where you will be able to read whole conversations (both parties) from the popular IM programs.
  • Internet Protection. Besides monitoring and controlling the browser, NetNanny also protects your child within P2P networks, newsgroups, emails, FTP and Instant Messaging programs.
Net Nanny Internet Filter Software

NetNanny is very user friendly making it simple to setup and to fully customise to your requirements.

You can choose to do this for yourself or you could ask for one of our friendly technicians to visit you at home and install and set it up for you for the low price of just £20, (software not included). Giving you peace of mind knowing that your children will be a lot safer using the internet.