Secretarial / Administration (vacancy)

This job is for:

General Secretaries and for part time work!


This job is ideal for mums or ex secretaries or those requiring just a few hours a week Writing/Typing letters or information and fact sheets, you can stay part time or eventually escalate into a full time position! This job bends to your lifestyle and can quite literally be done anywhere at anytime and usually as much as you can handle, as all you require is a computer and Internet Connection at the very minimum at home or you can work in our offices dependant on requirements and amount of time you can dedicate to this work!


This is also flexible because of the very nature of the job itself:

If you are a candidate that works from our office we will pay you the minimum wage respective of age and then top it up with a highly achievable performance and quality bonus! We do it this way to only ensure we get the work completed and to a good standard so we are happy and you get a wage fitting to your achievements so you are happy too.

Alternatively; you can work from home, we will send you enough work for a period and then we will pay you on that work as soon as it is handed in and checked, this payment rate varies between candidates but again performance and quality bonuses apply!

If you are interested in this job then please fill out the application below;

We are an equal opportunities employer!