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We have produced our marketing brief (below) as a guide to help you identify your target audience and make sure you’re talking to the right people.

10 Point Marketing Brief (Brief)

  1. Background
    You have to supply enough detailed information, regarding your needs. We will have little or no knowledge of your market and will have to understand the key elements that need to be focused on by the marketing campaign. Remember, you are the expert in your field.
  2. Research
    Include any and all relevant research that could support the marketing campaign.
  3. Previous Marketing Material
    If you have tried marketing and advertising previously, provide full details of the targeted markets, details of your previous campaigns and the results.
  4. Aims
    What are the required results of your marketing campaign? Confirm your expectations and aims.
  5. Objectives
    Will your objective be:

    • Raising awareness of your products or service?
    • Changing preconceived attitudes

    Your objectives must be comprehensible, specific and quantifiable. They should be conceived in simple detail, as they will present the principal concept for your campaign.

  6. Target Market
    Know exactly who you want your message aimed at. The target audience can be portrayed in terms of current market behaviour, degree of awareness, product/service knowledge, favoured method of receiving info and clients/customers enthusiasm /obstruction to take notice of and accept the information. 
    The more comprehensively you recognise your target audience, the greater the prospect of a successful campaign.
  7. Key Message
    Be clear and concise concerning the purpose of your marketing campaign. An unclear message may result in an ineffectual strategy and an unsuccessful campaign.
  8. Budget
    Define your marketing budget. If you do not specify a budget in your brief then a marketing strategy may be proposed that exceeds what you had in mind.
  9. Timescale
    Provide an approximate schedule for the campaign. Results will take time and we need to know the timescales we are working to.
  10. Evaluation
    If you do not build in a stratagem to appraise the campaign, you will not know if it was successful and if your money was well spent. Equally, if the campaign doesn’t produce the required results, evaluation will help identify where things went wrong

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