Marketing Campaigns

Successful Campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the method of promoting your company online, achieving better search engine rankings for applicable keywords and phrases. This is an investment in your web site and is the pinnacle of Internet Marketing, once your site is strong enough Search Engines will return more results from the actual content of the site as well as your targeted keywords.

However SEO can become expensive, especially if your target keywords are greatly sought after, remember there are only 10 places on the first page of searched results. A good example, approximately 6,130,000 searches on UK Google for “LCD TV”. What conversion rate does your business currently achieve? Now apply that to over 6 million leads/enquiries per month, demand is the reason SEO can become expensive, reaching and staying on the front page of search results.

PPC Advertising

PPC (pay per click) Paid Internet Advertising Campaign. If your sought after keyword SEO is financially out of reach, either the competition or the industry renders it not commercially viable, we can also produce a direct advertising strategy with search engines for you.

eMail Marketing Campaign

A well managed eMail Marketing Campaign provides an exceptionally cost effective means of increasing sales and maintaining a positive relationship with your clients.

Public Relations

Helping your company to find successful ways to inform people about your products and services. A well-built and credible PR reputation supplements other marketing campaigns and you can achieve excellent results, regardless of your advertising budget.


All facets of copywriting, graphic design, branding and print. Your company’s website, newsletters, leaflets and brochures, company reports, information packs, exhibition boards, letters, posters, case studies, questionnaires and consultation documents content professionally written.

Media Relations

With Dreamsight’s specialist media team, we can function as your standard press officer or we can supply bespoke press services, from press releases and media briefings to publicity.

Event Management

We can organise events such as conferences, product launches and trade shows. Specialising in Corporate PR and corporate entertainment.