As a business owner or marketing director you need to understand the process, know your objectives and treat your Microsites like a business, not a hobby. The most important things in business are Growth and Profitability.

Apply this to your Microsite marketing, create a cost-effective plan and include it in your advertising budget. Targeted content and keyword rich, delivering more prospects, more leads and more sales to your business.

Get higher Search Engine Rankings, more customers
and more Sales…


How Microsites Work

Most Microsites we create here at Dreamsight show on Google's 1st results page within weeks of their launch – generating a clear increase in traffic and sales for businesses and clients, which also shows the length of time the customer browses before buying is significantly shortened due to the clear, sole point of the site.

Often when trying to a sell one specific product or service, simplicity is key. Microsites grab a single point of focus from a larger standard website, take away the confusion of multiple choice and render it down to one simple effective site – focusing specifically on what the customer is searching for and nothing else.

Purely because it contains precisely what the customer is looking for – the conversation rate of Microsites is shown to be 15-20% higher than that of the typical website!