Print Business Card

Business cards can come in many forms usually rectangular (55 x 85mm) serve as a great reflection on your business branding and company status. Usually incorporating company logo, contact details (telephone number, fax number, mobile number, email address and web address) and the name of the car owner with their job title.
Normally made from card, business cards can be in different thicknesses i.e. 200gsm, 220gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 330gsm and 400gsm to name a few examples not forgetting plastic cards.

How to choose the right paper stock... Do you know what you want or need?

Dreamsight know that there are many types of business card paper stock to select from, measured in Grammes per square metre (GSM) all paper/card based business cards are usually 250-330gsm printed on a plain white card with no finishes or textures.
You may have seen cards with a smooth almost waxy finish this coated card has been ‘laminated’. Lamination is a process to seal the card and add weight to it, available in gloss and matt/satin finishes it is an effective way to stop smudging of inks especially if there is lots of a solid ink regardless of shape. This normally adds a couple of days to the production time of any cards due to the drying; however it can make any business card stand out from the rest.

You may with to make a certain item stand out on your cards, logo or picture maybe. This can be achieved using a spot UV varnish. These finishes are applied during the manufacturing process and are added cost to all business cards however they provide an added effect and often bring attention to any business.

At Dreamsight we only use quality card stock unless specifically requested, normally a 335gsm ivory board we can produce volumes from one to millions. We pride ourselves on our business card quality and turnaround, actively working within a 7-10 working day window.

Other Online business card printers may claim to produce cards for free, but what’s the real price? Be it cheap materials or print quality or the printers logo on the reverse of the card some printers card will have a rough paper like texture this is cheap or budget card.

We can supply most branded papers including Conqueror and Paradis ranges. Including all textures wove and laid. Laid paper is made on rollers a giving the watermark like illusion of lines in the paper stock, it feels bumpy to touch. Wove paper is made with a closely woven wire roller giving the paper stock a mesh pattern.

We can also supply plastic (PVC) business cards available in satin, translucent or frosted versions. Metallic inks can be printed to give a chrome or mirror finish, we can also produce plastic business cards using holographic ink reflecting light when moving creating an attention-grabbing item. All translucent cards can be printed on both sides sometimes giving the illusion of a 3d effect.

Satin cards are normally opaque and have a solid deluxe tactile feel; they can be printed with a simple one colour design or a four colour photo.

To sum up Dreamsight can produce quality business cards printing one, two, three and four colours, on all ranges of paper stocks and materials. We can rival most like for like print quotes and delivery on time without any hidden charges.