Live Chat

Live operator chat software on a website can be very useful for a lot of businesses. It is designed to provide online assistance for anybody browsing your website, allowing you to chat in real-time with users.

An operator can be there instantly to assist with any potential customers’ queries, helping them to find exactly what it is they are looking for and directing them accordingly, saving time on emails being sent to and fro and being able to resolve any issues that anyone may have regarding your website or services.

This feature on any website can prevent losing potential clients to your competitors because maybe they need help and as it isn’t available they simply move on to the next website. This will improve your customer service and put you on a more personal level with potential clients at a lower service cost to your business.

Your customers can see at a glance if an operator is available to them with our facility to allow you to turn it on or off which can easily be seen by the customer (eg. green = on, red = off). Not many businesses run 24 hours with staff available to be on standby.

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Simple installation
  • Online or Offline facility
  • Time and cost saving

If you are interested in our Live Chat software why not try it out right now (assuming you can see the green light) and click to speak to one of our staff who will be standing by ready to assist you.