Content Management System

The CMS software allows you to add and edit content on your website or intranet in real time. You can add image files, audio files and even paste your content directly from MS Word, whilst keeping Word’s text formatting. This lets you easily create and maintain your website with a bare minimum of technical knowledge. There is also an inbuilt text editor that allows you to format your pages ‘on the fly’.


Unlike other site builders and there are many available, Dreamsight has a unique design feature, the site’s Skin. Once your Skin is designed and uploaded to the server it is automatically applied to every page throughout the entire website.

If at a later date you wish to change the design, simply upload a new Skin and your whole website changes. You could have a specific Sale Skin for the January sales, then change it back to your default Skin in seconds. Why stop there… How about Christmas, Valentines Day, or an Easter Skin. Once you have a set of Skins you can change them whenever you want and your whole web site changes.

The editor itself looks and works like a normal word processing application. There is also an Image Manager which allows you to upload pictures, then add them to the relevant page through the editor.