Web Design

By contracting Dreamsight to design and construct your web site, you can be sure of getting it right. Although Dreamsight knows the importance of graphical design, we primarily look at what role your site needs to fulfil, leads/sales. Dreamsight looks at your market sector and competitors, their internet stance and placement.

There is no point having the best designed web site on the Internet if nobody can find it.

Once we have a better understanding of your sites requirements, we can formulate a design that will incorporate the level of optimisation needed to achieve the desired results.

Dreamsight strikes a balance between site usability / functionality, layout and search engine placement.

Dreamsight has unparalleled experience of producing user-friendly designs and interfaces. These can be backed by complex control and database systems for a wide variety of applications – all based around specific client business needs.

Contact us for further information, either via our enquiry form, or alternatively pick up the telephone and call 01452 30 30 40.

Should you require references, Dreamsight can supply details of existing clients. See Examples

Page Design

You will notice this web site has very little graphical content and/or clip art, compared to the other ‘web design’ competitor sites, and the same images and graphics are used throughout the web site. With just the main banner and advert at the top of the page, link bullets, the borders around the News Feed and the odd clipart image (just to add a splash of colour). The links to other pages in the web site are plain text, rather than images. The site downloads very quickly and is very search-engine-friendly, but still looks well designed graphically with our graphic design techniques.

This is an example of the balance Dreamsight strikes between site usability / functionality, layout and search engine placement.

All web pages, Dreamsight design, graphical content, clip art, are carefully chosen, conceived and constructed to include current in-built promotional features of META TAGS, KEYWORDS, and DESCRIPTIONS, additionally the odd ICON added to the site.

Your site design can include your logo and/or company image blended seamlessly into the home page! Our designers mainly incorporate GIF and/or JPG images into our designs, these are used for loading speed of the page itself but we can manipulate and blend any picture or image to suite the site!


If you are still reading this page, it is because the information you are reading is relevant, informative and hopefully thought provoking. Your web site needs to deliver this! Ask if you need copywriting services.

Dreamsight web design pride themselves on providing the most technical and cost effective website solutions to their customers, whilst maintaining an extremely high level of support before, during and after the installation.