Step-by-Step Review

News Feed

Firstly, login to your control panel and enable your Feed in Setup, by ticking the News Feed (Enable) box and clicking Save_Setup. (For more details on Setup screen see Setup)

Once you have an active News Feed you can add articles/content to your web page by clicking Add, under the active News Feed title. Simply enter the title of your article/content in the Title field and the actual body of text in Body.

Click Add_News to save your entry. You can click View to see your entries as well as the option to edit or delete them.

When you have completed adding your entries, click Get HTML and copy the Feed Code. Paste the Feed Code where you would like your articles/content to appear on your web page.

News Flash

Firstly, enable your News Feed in Set Up, by ticking the News Flash (Enable) box and clicking Save_Setup.

The News Flash automatically adds the most recent News Feed, with the options set in Setup.

Click Get HTML, copy and paste the Flash Code into your web page where you would like your News Flash to appear.

List Feeds

Lists of all News Feeds allocated to your account. Links to Add, View, Setup and Get HTML for specific News Feeds.


Add entries to your News Feeds. Title appears bold, above the body content. Simply enter the title in the Title field and the content in the Body field. Click Add_News to save your entry.


View all your current News Feed entries as well as deleting or editing them. Click Delete This Entry to delete the selected entry, or click Edit This Entry to update or edit the selected entry.


News Feed (Enable): Tick box to make your News Feed available.

Enable Auto Date: This automatically inserts the date and time an entry is added.

Set Order: Automatically sets the order of your entries, Ascending lists the newest entry at the top and Descending at the bottom.

News Flash (Enable): Tick box to make your News Flash available.

Body Word Length: Set the amount of characters in your News Flash.

(More...) Target Page: Enter the destination page the ‘more…’ hyperlink in the News Flash links to.

Scroll Text: Tick the Scroll Text box to have your News Flash vertically scroll.

Save_Setup: Saves all your changes.


Copy and paste the Feed Code, or the Flash Code into the body of your chosen web page.