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Looking for answers to increase your web site productivity?

Why not try our free web site report. This easy to read, simple to understand report gives you the answers you have been looking for; and it’s completely FREE!

  • Have you questioned why your website is not performing?
  • Or maybe why people can’t find you on the web?
  • Are you looking for a way to increase your sales to visitor ratio?
  • This free report will show you all the information you need to start a plan to develop an online presence to rival any competitors.

Because of our commitment to make the web a more effective place for finding the right information and putting the right businesses in front of the right customers; Dreamsight would like to offer anyone looking to grow their web business a free web report.

How is your site built? This free web report will show you how your site is built, how visible it is on the web and what the major search engines think of you online web presence.

Are you in Search Engine's databases? If so where are you placed for relevant search terms for the web site. We show your popularity and how relevant you really are.
This report is free and is a good starting point to show any site’s placement online. Have you considered your site’s usability? This free report will highlight any problems in navigation and page layout.

If you would like us to we can look at your site statistics for free and include them into the report.

The Dreamsight free website report gives you the building blocks to start improving on your search engine rankings and conversion of visitors to buying customers.

We will look at your status on the web in relation to your competitors online, using this and other data we build up a true picture of your business’s site on the web, so the Free report is not simply a report showing search engine rankings. We feel the report gives a truer reflection of your potential business on the web and how you can start to reach the target audience, don’t for get its all free.