Web Space

Dreamsight specialises in supplying commercial grade hosting solutions and a variety of managed hosting services, maximizing your budget and offering the best solution for your business.

No matter what your business needs, email only, or whether you need your own server, we provide hosting to suit. If, in the future, your business requires additional hosting services (an increase in popularity requiring more bandwidth, for example), we automatically waive any upgrade set-up costs and convert the existing hosting rental agreement to the equivalent value of the upgraded services.

Contact us for further information, either via our enquiry form, or alternatively pick up the telephone and call 01452 30 30 40.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the allowance of space your website requires on a server open to the World Wide Web. Rather like renting land, your web site needs to sit in space open to traffic (the Internet). Hosting is normally charged annually and is priced on the size of space you need and how much bandwidth (traffic) you use. There are hosting servers internationally all varying in speed dependant on the speed and power of the machines and the local internet connection.

How do I get my site on the Internet?

There are specific hosting companies, ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and/or free online services that all supply tailored solutions dependent on your requirements. You will need more hosting space or a more extensive package if you have a large complicated site or lots of visitors.Does your site use PHP (Short for Hypertext Preprocessor) or ASP (active server pages)? (Please note ASP can stand for Application Service Provider) When choosing a web host this must be taken into account, the speed at which the web host server can get the pages seen can be critical to ensure your visitor sees your site in the manor you would like it to be seen with the accompanying PHP or ASP scripts running fully.

Dreamsight know that some web hosting suppliers host too many sites on their servers giving a slower than normal result for your site, at Dreamsight we carefully monitor all aspects of server performance keeping all information stored (web sites, movies, mp3 and images/pictures) at optimum speeds. Often slow sites are not necessarily the web host servers fault, a slow running or loading site may be caused by having large pictures, flash movies or simply not been optimised correctly.

Simply put there are two types of web hosting.
Virtual (shared) Hosting

Virtual hosting solutions are basically your site is hosted along with other web sites with you effectively renting some space. Virtual web hosting is perfect for small businesses or smaller sites. It is a cost effective solution that is normally charged annually. The hosting space you buy is managed by Dreamsight so the benefit of server management is always a peace of mind factor.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting allows you to have your own web site server (the physical machinery), you will not share any bandwidth, memory (RAM) or any processor power with any other web sites. By having a dedicated server you will pay a monthly fee at a fixed monthly cost you will not own the server, you get a bandwidth allocation and the dedicated use of the machinery.

Larger businesses use Dedicated Hosting to run their own databases or software. Dedicated Hosting will also give you the choice of operating system and flexibility in the machinery if you need to add different aspects i.e. Hard drive space or more RAM for example. Dreamsight will also provide server management if required.